We love helping you realise your land’s potential

It’s never a typical day working in the OuterSpace team, and perhaps that’s what keeps us inspired. The passion we share is bringing to life someone’s vision and knowing it’s going to make a difference – whether it’s a beautiful garden in which to unplug or a school playground that will be loved by the littlies.


Delivering the projects we do requires, at times, almost telepathic abilities to ensure we work in step together to bring every aspect of the dream to life, and we can’t help but behave like a family. Once you start working with us, you become part of that team too – and that’s what our clients tell us they love.


When you work with us, you don’t choose a company, you choose a team to champion your vision and share in the delight of that OuterSpace transformation.

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Building strong foundations

We’ve always seen the potential in a space, and know that time invested in developing your land always yields an excellent return for a property owner. We also know that a little extra creativity and quality of the workmanship can be the difference between a good property and an exceptional one. If you are thinking of your space as a long term investment, it pays to plan ahead.


OuterSpace is a design and build company that was the brainchild of entrepreneur Jordan Frizzell. Jordan had a passion for landscaping from childhood and enjoyed pushing the boundaries of what he could achieve with outdoor living areas. However, a love of the outdoors and tackling the complex doesn’t get you all the way. He recognised that strong foundations for OuterSpace would eventually set us apart from the crowded field. He set up to foster strong partner & client relationships, and underpin our processes with advancing technologies that would deliver the optimal result.


This approach has won not only recommendations from our happy clients but also recognition from industry peers and public awards.

Individual inspirations, equals one team passion

Each person who has joined the business has helped to shape what we have become. We are a collective of individuals, and below you can find out a little more about what inspires each of us to show up with our best ideas every day.

Danielle Dore
Senior Landscape Architect
Ben Lanyon
Operations Manager
Carlton Smith
Senior Estimator
Peter Robinson
Procurement Quantity Surveyor
Cheri Larson-Tizzard
Office Administrator

Other Key People

Mike Murray

Paul McNeil

Simon Clark

Kevin Davies-Ball

Zeke Dyson

Jamie Clyne
Site Technician

Albie Fisher
Site Technician

James McKimm
Site Technician

Reinah Schafer
Site Technician

Our Awards

Creating this culture and pushing our team to always strive for next-level concept design was what we believe led us to win multiple awards. This reflects our passion for garden design and architectural landscape design and demonstrating that you don’t need a wide-open space to produce something spectacular.

‘The Garden Show Award recognised the company wide view of customer-centric architecture. With the Flower Show we wanted people to think differently about space and to be inspired with what they could do with a small space.’
Jordan Frizzell


The courtyard design also won the Bronze overall price for construction and Horticulture and the Lighting Gold prize. See the design here.


We were delighted when Jordan was recognised for his efforts and contributions to landscape architecture with being awarded the Young Landscaper of the Year in 2017. His drive and passion for transforming spaces and his continuing pursuit of excellence have been the driving force of the business. Now we are proud to say that we have transformed ourselves from a small passionate team of professionals into one of Christchurch’s leading Architectural Landscaping organisations.

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