Total landscaping solutions for Christchurch

If you are looking for landscaping ideas that will bring a completely new way of living in your outside space, then you are at the right place.


Whether it’s native landscaping or design ideas for smaller spaces, every concept is designed entirely around how you live your lives to ensure your zones are functional as well as inspirational.

One of the biggest trends in home living in the last decade is to move outdoors. Outdoor living has taken on a new meaning as people want to have a dedicated dining setting including an outdoor kitchen, delightfully textured landscapes and comfortable and high-quality lounging areas to enhance their living.


We offer a fully personalised design service, which is crafted around how you and your family live and want to care for your space.

Our qualified Landscape Architects will work through a step by step process of your garden design, to create a memorable space with an investment plan that fits your budget. Finally, our expert construction crew finish to exceptional quality detail.


The result is an outdoor space that transforms how you live your lives.

What we do









Planning your new OuterSpace living area

Start with Style

The fun part of landscape design is getting fresh ideas. Looking through our Portfolio is a great way to look for styles that appeal to you, and you can view our Inspiration page to find out what landscape concepts are the most stylish these days. It could be colours, plants or features that express you and your family. You can check out our Blog for more inspiration, and follow our Landscape Architect’s updates on new and exciting trends to steal for your space.

How do you live?

It’s worth giving some consideration to how you will live with and maintain your outdoor spaces before you plan. Some spaces require higher upkeep than others, and you should consider how much time you have to put into your garden maintenance and how much you want to take on daily and weekly. Your space could be somewhere to unplug from a busy occupation, or somewhere for friends and family to gather. Work out your priorities and include them in your initial briefing with your architect.

Consider the space

It’s worth spending some time outdoors in your landscape and garden before you start planning. Where do you like to sit? There may be considerations such as a view you enjoy or areas that you can’t access that we can work with. Simply designing paths and building covered areas can create beautiful new vistas you have not considered previously that you will love.

Work out a budget

The important part of planning your landscaping project is to work out a budget. First, emphasise what is essential for you to have in our outdoor space and focus on the functions of the areas. Second, plan a consultation with a Landscape Architect who will help you visualise the possibilities and steps to achieve them. Finally, an investment proposal created by our team will outline exactly where the money goes.