Function transformed with durability and finesse

Our commercial projects are handled with the same personal care and attention as our family projects, but leverage our smart
process and systems to deliver our projects on time and to exceptional quality.


Our briefing process is highly consultative – including ideally those who will be using the space so that the function can be created around their needs. We will attend on site and then our architect will discuss ideas and options before producing draft concepts.


Our construction team are part of the design process to ensure that what we recommend will be functional and achievable within budget and land conditions.


Our systems are created around commercial project needs, allowing the construction team to deliver updates on site, and allowing clients to view production in real time.


Key project milestones are scheduled and managed throughout the project to ensure there are no surprises. Also, a plan to avoid any issues is put in place during the initial stage.


As custodians of the landscape, we believe it’s important that we care and protect the land we develop, ensuring we leave the land without harm. We are actively working towards Enviro-Mark accreditation and to manage our carbon footprint.


We aim to be the first fully accredited sustainable landscaping business in New Zealand.

Choose a landscape construction company that cares
about the land as much as the outcome

You’ll meet with our Architect, Project and Construction Manager at the very first meeting to discuss the scope of your project
and evaluate us for the right cultural fit for your business or property.

Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ High School

Project Scope

Shirley Boys High School is one of the premier schools in the East Christchurch with an enrolment of over 1,200 students.



OuterSpace was commissioned to provide the exceptional landscaping services at one of the largest commercial construction sites in the East Christchurch in the past few years.



The highly organised process and professional team dedicated to delivering the project according to the Health & Safety regulations and up to the highest standards have contributed to the success of the landscape development on site.

Tenders and our process for commercial projects



Tendering is a bidding process commonly used in the construction industry. The process involves submitting a tender, repricing and delivering solutions to reduce costs. We like to meet and discuss the landscape plans with clients at this stage.

Winning the project


Once drawing and specs have been confirmed to reflect the landscape work that needs to be delivered and the costs have been accepted, a contract is signed.



The construction process involves scheduling, procurement, and physical construction where we update you on the progress in due course.



We provide all the necessary paperwork once a project has been completed. The process also includes a site visit and walkthrough with landscape architect and customer.



The process also includes a site visit and walkthrough with landscape architect and customer.



Once everything has been installed to specifications, we provide a maintenance plan to ensure that the longevity of a landscape withstands the test of time. The type of plants used determines how intense or low maintenance of the landscape will be.

How can we reduce costs?

Sourcing alternative materials is an effective way of reducing costs. OuterSpace is a true Design and Build Company where we have facilities to manufacture in-house, which in some cases puts prices down significantly.

How long would it take to deliver a project?

We resource the tasks to meet deadlines and produce a landscaping program in conjunction with the main contractor’s program. As landscaping is normally the last stage in the construction process, we make sure projects are managed professionally at all times where our qualified foremen will be able to involve external labour depending on workload and timeframes.

What are your company’s Health & Safety policies and how does it comply with the industry’s standards?

We regularly run internal audits, as well as keep minimum PPE available in site boxes and vehicles for external parties to come to the site. We provide full training to all employees who are dedicated to complying with policies and regulations. Also, OuterSpace is SiteWise accredited with Green Status.

What documents do you provide once a project is completed?

PS3 documentation is provided along with warranties, guarantees, operations and maintenance manual and aftercare documentation.



Our team will respond within 3 business days

Please ensure your request includes:

Location of site

Project completion deadline

Number of companies to be evaluated

Criteria for selection

Any specific areas which are open for discussion