Trendy Landscape Design Ideas We Love

Trendy Landscape Design Ideas We Love

If you are looking for some fresh landscape design ideas for your home, read further to find out more about the current trends in the industry brought to you by the Senior Landscape Architect at OuterSpace, Danielle Dore.

The latest outer space landscape trends and design ideas

Outdoor fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace is an exceptional addition to your outdoor living area. Not only it is a beautiful décor element, but it also has excellent functionality and can be used all-year-round. Fireplaces also add to the inviting and aesthetic atmosphere, and when paired with luxury lounging outdoor sofa and platter and wine, creates a perfect evening while remaining in the comfort of your home.

Cozy atmosphere outdoors

While gas fires are ambient, wood fires provide substantially more heat. However, both can help to extend the use of your outdoor space at the end of summer.

The critical part of selecting the right fireplace for your home is making sure it matches the style of the house, provides the correct functionality and fits in the landscape concept. It is also necessary to select the right materials, and they can be either natural stone, plaster or timber, depending on the fixe box used.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchen area

Outdoor kitchens are among the most popular trends in outdoor design. Similar to outdoor fireplaces, kitchens have to add functionality to the exterior space of your home. There is a variety of options for designing an outdoor kitchen, for example adding drawers, outdoor fridges, dishwashers, sinks with hot water, food preparation area and a bbq.  Joining the kitchen area with an outdoor fireplace provides numerous opportunities for you for lounge outdoors past summertime.

Water features

Water feature – evening shot

At OuterSpace we can design fantastic water features for your garden. While you sit outside in your new excellent outdoor area, you can still hear the soft and calming sound of water. Water features add tranquil, relaxing energy to space. With including uplighting at night, this can be your key feature in the outdoor area. If you are after creating a relaxing spot, then water features are a must-have element, as they create a natural part within a dreamy space.

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Danielle Dore