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The era of gardens is over, as every year people realise the potential of outdoor living at their homes. The trend for summer landscaping this year is bright colours and comfortable living areas with an ever increasing range of sofas and soft furnishings that are designed to withstand the elements. You can even turn a wall into a feature with structured areas for plans and irrigation that makes it all too easy.


Your outside space can be designed to bring resort-style living to your back-yard, including outdoor kitchens with running water, or a crackling fire to roast marshmallows on a crisp Autumn evening under the stars. Your landscape design options are limited only by what you can dream up.

Each of our steps are wrapped around your specific needs. so every solution is as unique as you are.

Initial Consultation


Designing your ideal outer space begins with an introductory meeting. Here we will discuss your ideas and requirements and explain our design process. Any information regarding the property including copies of site plans, floor plans and elevations, will also be helpful.

Fee Proposal


After considering all your requirements, we then provide you with a written fee proposal outlining the costs for your landscape design concept, costing for lighting plans and planting plan.


Concept Plan


Our design is developed based on your requirements, including layout and style of the house, the site location and orientation, prevailing winds and climate. We present a preliminary concept plan to show the full layout of your prospective outer space and discuss our ideas and reasoning behind them.

Planting Plan


This is a detailed plan showing the species, locations and quantities of all plants. Images and descriptions are included to help you understand what overall garden will look like. This is developed after discussions with you, regarding the type and style of plants you prefer and what we know will be suitable for the location of your property.

Construction Details


These drawings show the construction details of any structures to be built on the property, including outdoor fires, BBQs, pergolas, ponds, fence details and any other design features specific to your new outer space.

Final Design


On completion of these drawings, including any necessary revisions, we present you with a fully rendered plan of your new outer space.


Schedule of Quantities


With the finalised design drawings completed, we then hand over our detailed plans to our estimating team. They work through the drawings thoroughly with our Landscape Architect, creating a schedule of quantities so we can then allocate costs against your project.

Investment Proposal


Once we have the costings established, we put together a detailed investment proposal which goes through every detail of your project. We will present this to you to ensure you have a full understanding of what the proposal includes.

Construction Process


Once the investment proposal has been revised to reflect the work you would like to be undertaken a comprehensive construction contract will be created.

This is where an Operations Manager and Site Manager will be assigned to your project. All construction is overseen by our Landscape Architects to ensure our stringent quality assurance levels upheld.



Once established, your landscape will continue to grow and evolve. OuterSpace can offer regular, monthly or yearly maintenance plans to ensure your garden receives the professional care it needs to flourish, grow and remain at its best.

All you need to do is sit back and watch your perfect outer space come together.

Need some ideas?

Fill in and submit the free Landscape Design Planner. This tool can help you generate some ideas for your outdoor space development.

Investing in lighting & sound systems


The evening’s drawing to a close. There’s a stunning sunset, and you’re relaxing in the spa, sipping on your favourite drink. The evening is still warm, and you wish you could be staying outside for just that little bit longer.


These days, you’ll find that outdoor lighting is no longer an afterthought; it’s an integral part of any landscape and garden plan. Professionally designed and installed, it not only adds functionality and security to your outdoor areas, and value to your home, it can beautify your garden, create a cosy ambience in your outdoor ‘lounge’ or set the mood for a great night out in your own back yard!

Choosing a water feature or pool


The sun is out, and it’s a beautiful day – so what better place to be than the pool deck, relaxing on a comfy lounger or enjoying a poolside barbecue with the family. With the shift to outdoor living, the swimming pool is coming into its own as a central feature of modern landscaping and garden design.


Aside from the enjoyment it will provide for you and your family in the years to come, a professionally designed and landscaped pool is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

Outdoor fires and braziers


Picture yourself relaxing beside a crackling fire, chatting with friends, and enjoying a slice of delicious wood-fired pizza from your very own pizza oven! As outdoor living increasingly becomes an extension of our homes and personalities, so too our outdoor spaces are evolving to become areas where we want to chat, dine and relax with our family and friends.


Fortunately, with New Zealand’s mild climate and a little help from the right landscape professional, it’s a lifestyle that is easily attainable.


From a BBQ on the deck to a fully customised outdoor kitchen complete with the latest furniture and appliances, we can all enjoy living and entertaining outdoors – whatever the weather.

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