Room for a pool


Great ideas for a pool design come naturally when you think of hot summer days and lying in the sun. Think of your family and friends getting together for a relaxing and low-key time outdoors or a vibrant party – bliss! What are the other benefits of having a pool in outer space? A swimming pool is a perfect way to stay fit from home and unwinding after a-y the water year-round. Create the complete look of your backyard landscaping with pool decking and soft furnishings, which is very trendy these days.

Danielle’s Style Spotlight


Each month Danielle finds interesting and stylish landscape ideas from around the world to share.

This season’s design idea to steal


Fireplaces have become a trendy addition to an outdoor area and are especially popular during colder evenings. Gather together with your beloved ones to enjoy the warm and cozy environment of your exterior lounging area. Perfect to use all-year-round, fireplaces tend to become a design anchor for the furnishing and additional elements of your landscape design.


Stone outdoor fireplaces fit in very well with a wide variety of landscape concepts. Stone is a natural material that can have different colouring, make interesting contrasts and offer versatility to any outdoor setting. Another option is to create a décor element, whether it is a rustic look or a neat style.


If you think that choosing the right fireplace is overwhelming then the best idea is to get in touch with our Landscape Architect to go through all options in design, size and type. Narrowing down which fireplace is the most suitable after you learn about the features of each one would be the next step. We will also help to choose the material to resist exposure to the weather conditions.

Landscaping in Hillside and Coastal Areas of Christchurch


When it comes to garden and landscaping design, Canterbury hillside and coastal properties bring unique opportunities and challenges that need to be thoughtfully addressed in your landscape design.


Christchurch hillside landscaping has many similarities to Queenstown and Wanaka with alpine conditions, extremes of hot and cold, frost, snow and long dry periods.

Fencing for security and finesse


If you’re fencing for security, you’ll need a tall, sturdy lockable gate, with no footholds. If you’re fencing to keep in the dogs and your dogs are diggers, you might need to bury the base underground by at least 15 centimetres.


If you’re fencing to screen off the deck or patio where you might have seating, a lower fence or privacy screen might be all that is needed.

Lakeside Beauty


This two-storey architectural beauty built by Metzger Builders won Canterbury House of the Year in 2016 and has crisp, clean lines with sleek architectural planes where landscape and architecture become one.


The indoor-outdoor flow between living spaces and elevated decks and patios along with levelled lawn spaces mean there is no choice but to relax in this well-appointed resort-style residence.

What is the cost of my landscaping ideas?

We can help you plan and work out the budget you will need for your OuterSpace transformation. Download our budget planner now.