5 top advantages to working with a landscape design and build company

What makes a perfect outer space? Is it the design, the choice of plants, the positioning of the decks, the use of light, shape, texture? Is it the quality of the workmanship or the choices of materials? Yes – it’s all these things, but here at OuterSpace Landscapes – we believe that more than anything, its communication that makes for a good outer space. You will experience the difference, the efficiencies and the value that comes from working with a company that is both a landscape architecture firm and a landscape construction firm. We build what we design. Our architects [...]

Landscaping in Hillside and Coastal Areas of Christchurch

When it comes to garden and landscaping design, Canterbury hillside and coastal properties bring unique opportunities and challenges that need to be thoughtfully addressed in your landscape design. Christchurch hillside landscaping has many similarities to Queenstown and Wanaka with alpine conditions, extremes of hot and cold, frost, snow and long dry periods along with opportunities to use local landscape features, natural rock formations, views and the natural topography, not to mention Otago schist. Around Christchurch, hillside and coastal suburbs provide a potentially stunning but also particularly challenging canvas for landscape design, with drought conditions [...]

ROI – The Return on $1 Spent On A Landscape Design

A well thought out landscape or garden design is an integral part of any architectural plan – and with good reason. When it’s done right, you’ll get a great return on investment (ROI) - an investment in a professional landscape design can pay handsome dividends. Professionally designed and executed landscaping will not only add value to your home, it can beautify your outdoor areas, help to screen off traffic or neighbours, add security for your family and pets and create a stunning outdoor entertaining setting to relax in at the end of a busy day. [...]

Top Landscape Design Trends of 2016

While some feature of landscape and garden design remain a perennial part of the landscape, it’s always interesting to see how popular trends in landscape design develop from year to year. As our expectations of outdoor living become more sophisticated, landscape designers and architects are seeing a renewed interest in luxury landscaping, ranging from lux lighting to fully customised outdoor ‘living’ spaces.   6 Ways to stay on trend for your garden design or makeover Fully Customised Outdoor Living Spaces Landscapes are rapidly becoming an extension of our homes and personalities, complete with furniture [...]

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Picture yourself relaxing beside a crackling fire, chatting with friends, and enjoying a slice of delicious wood-fired pizza from your very own pizza oven! As outdoor living increasingly becomes an extension of our homes and personalities, so too our outdoor spaces are evolving to become areas where we want to chat, dine and relax with our family and friends. Fortunately, with New Zealand’s mild climate and a little help from the right landscape professional, it’s a lifestyle that is easily attainable. . From a BBQ on the deck to a fully customised outdoor kitchen [...]

3 Great Ways to Improve Indoor Outdoor Flow in Your Landscape Design

These days, busy and often stressful lifestyles have led to a much greater need for relaxing at home More than ever, people want a haven where they can enjoy time with friends and family, or just put up their feet and enjoy relaxing, reading or soaking up the sun. It’s little wonder then, that outdoor living is high on the priority list when it comes to landscape design. Whether you’re building a new home, or renovating an existing house, turning some attention to your outdoor landscape design and those ever important outdoor entertaining areas will not only benefit [...]

The 5 top questions our clients ask us about Landscape Design

Most landscaping projects start with a plan created by our design team so we asked the team to tell us about the questions that they are asked most often. What are the top 5 questions our clients ask us about landscape design?   Do I have to get a planting plan designed or can I just get a landscape concept plan designed? A planting plan doesn’t have to be included in your design process. We often supply clients with just the landscape concept plan which then allows us to start working through the pricing process. A [...]