Fencing your Garden or Property? 6 Things to Think About

HAVE YOUR PURPOSE CLEAR IN MIND If you’re fencing for security, you’ll need a tall, sturdy lockable gate, with no footholds. If you’re fencing to keep in the dogs and your dogs are diggers, you might need to bury the base underground by at least 15 centimetres. If you’re fencing to screen off the deck or patio where people will be seated, a lower fence or privacy screen might be all that is needed. CONSIDER YOUR CLIMATE And choose suitable fencing materials. With quality materials and professional construction, your new fence should stand up [...]

Choosing the Right Fencing Solution

Our garden is one place we can relax and escape the pressures of our busy lives. It should be a peaceful haven, but if you’re not adequately shielded from neighbours or traffic, or if you’re worried about keeping the dogs in, don’t despair. With expert advice, you can find the right fencing solution to screen off neighbours, block a cold wind, enjoy your stunning views or screen out the street. 5 Great Fencing Solutions for Privacy and Style Horizontal Slat Fences If you’re fencing for privacy around your patio or deck, but don’t want [...]