5 Great Ideas for Swimming Pool Landscaping & Design 

The sun is out and it’s a stunning day – so what better place to be than the pool deck, relaxing on a comfy lounger or enjoying a poolside barbecue with the family. With the shift to outdoor living, the swimming pool is coming into its own as a central feature of modern landscaping and garden design.

Aside from the enjoyment it will provide for you and your family in the years to come, a professionally designed and landscaped pool is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

How to Create a Pool that will Pay Off

Add a Fireplace or Fire Pit

The latest trend is to combine a fireplace with your pool landscaping design, but a fire pit or fire torches can easily add some sizzling style on a smaller scale. That said, an outdoor fireplace will serve you well beyond summer and provides a stylish focal point for your pool deck lounge area.

Combine a Jacuzzi or Spa

Nothing says pure heaven like a spa under the stars! These days, designs can range from elevated spas with a ‘zero’ edge overflow (creating a super-smooth glass-like surface), to the hot tub actually being a corner of the pool itself.

Update the  Finish on Your Pool or Pool Deck

Think mosaic or glass tiles to add colour, style or create a beautiful reflective effect, or update your deck with pebble aggregate or  stone tiles such as Travertine. This versatile stone was used widely by the Romans for aqueducts, baths and monuments, and is perfect for a classic look or Italian/Roman theme. Finish it off with custom outdoor furniture for the perfect pool party.

Set the Mood with Lighting

When the sun is setting on your pool party, nothing completes the picture like outdoor lighting. You can create any mood or style you want with the latest energy-efficient LED lights, from a fairy tale oasis using multi-coloured changing lights to dramatic accent lights or LED water arcs for a sophisticated style statement.

Create a Fully Customised Pool Lounge

Picture your pool as the stunning centrepiece of your landscape design, with shimmering lights, a stylish lounge suite and a crackling fire. Great new additions such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, custom furniture and multi-media entertainment have taken pool landscaping design to the next level. Consider adding bi-folds or glass sliders out on to the pool deck, to create a natural extension of your living room.

Pool Landscaping Trends for 2017

Natural pools and ponds

Natural pools or ponds use a variety of plants to filter the water and keep the pool clean, instead of the traditional filtration system. Salt water or silver can also be used an alternative to chlorinated water

Geometric designs

The 80s are back with a modern twist. The latest pool shapes can be rectangles, circles or other geometric patterns that add both structure and style

‘Spools’ or small pools

These are easier to maintain, less costly to heat and ideal for a smaller section or plot of land

Custom decks

Replacing your existing pool deck with travertine tiles is one of the most popular upgrades for 2017

Infinity pools

Infinity pools can transform your backyard into a stunning visual statement. Modern infinity designs make use of the ‘knife edge’ – a small slit at the end of the pool where the water vanishes from view, creating a sleek reflective effect (and saving you the cost of coping or edging).

Lounging Ledges

These shallow spaces are the perfection addition for enjoying splash time with toddlers and also a great pool party ‘chat area’.

Building a new swimming pool or planning a pool makeover?

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Jordan Frizzell